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Ancestors and Descendants of Simon Jones and Ann M. (Dorr) Murphy, The
Thompson, Marjorie Barnes / Hutson, Emily Cowles ~ 1986

Ancestral Patriots, 1776: Biographical Sketches of My Ancestors in Revolutionary Times
McMeen, Lola Frances Murphy, (1905-) ~ 1976

Ancestry and Descendants of Marion Simon Garrison of Morgantown, West Virginia, and Allied Families-Ammons, Kendrick, Metz, Murphy, Tripp, The
Murphy, Marion Emerson ~ 1973
San Diego, CA

Breen: Samuel Breen & Margaret Murphy of County Carlow, Ireland and Their Descendants
MacLardy, Jeanne Mullen ~ 1993

Creighton and Allied Families of New Haven, Connecticut: Genealogical Charts Embracing Allied Families of Condon, Ahern, DeMatty, Cassidy, Kealey, Bannon, Haire, Castagnetti, Jackman, McHugh, Murphy, Evans, Sugrue, Peraso, Meagher, McGuire, and McGirr
Creighton, Thomas Russell ~ 1959
New Haven, CT

Crossing the Waters to Liberty: The Story of Eileen and Patrick Murphy in Ireland and the Happiness They Found in America in the Blake Home on the Banks of the Mississippi River
Reilly, Reby Feuling ~ 1985

Daniel Washington Murphy Family of Jasper County, Iowa, 1841-1977, The
McMeen, Lola Frances Murphy, (1905-) ~ 1977

Early Murphys, Murpheys in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Robertson and Carroll Counties, Tennessee: Their Ancestry and Progeny
Murphy, Marion Emerson ~ 1974, 75

Family History of the Murphy and Breese Families: The Parentage of Mary Patricia Murphy-Gurvine (born September 27th, 1917), The
Gurvine, R. Jeffrey ~ 1986

From Ketch Harbour to Yarmouth: The Family of Walter Murphy of Nova Scotia
Sweeney, L. Kent ~ 1998

Genealogy of the Bynum and Murphy Families of Saline County, Illinois
Marlatt, William P. and Kimberly C. ~ 1990

Genealogy of the James and Mary (Murphy) McCormley Family
McCormley, Sharon (Henry) ~ 1982

Genealogy of the Ward, Douthitt, Murphy, Heard & Cox families of Leon County, Texas
Douthitt, Billie / Tally-Frost, Stephenie H. (editor) ~ 1968

Heritage of William Murphy Crawford and Almina (Boggs) Crawford Family
Matthews, Edna (Crawford) / Matthews, Elmer E. ~ 1980
Denver, CO

History of Rev. William Murphy and His Descendants, 1798-1918
Sturgess, Alice Murphy ~ 1918

History of Rev. William Murphy and His Descendants, 1798-1918, by Alice Murphy Sturgess, Every Name Index
Archer, George Warren (editor) ~ 1982
5025 7th Rd. S., Arlington, VA 22204

History of the Alexander Family From Which is Traced the History of the Murphy Family, The
Sullivan, Adelaide Frances (Murphy), Mrs. ~ 1924
Printed for Mrs. Adelaide Frances Murphy Sullivan, San Francisco, CA

History of the Name Murphy
Williams, J. D.

Investigating Our Heritage: Being the Account of the American Experiences of the Progenitors of Mary Beth, Martha and Rosemary Including Their Parental Family (Bohn, Aitken) Their Grandparental Families (Eschman, McQuiston) Their Great and Great Great Grandparental Families (Hock, Schreiber, Davis, Murphy, McIlwrath, McAlpin, Redpath) from 1843 to 1978 to the Sixth Generation ...
Bohn, Dorothy Aitken ~ 1978

Julia Mary Seppie, One woman in Time and the Men Who Loved Her: John Joseph Murphy…
Murphy, Carrie Anne Wilson ~ 1983

Laurence or Lawrence Murphy Genealogy Chart
Raymon, Alice E. ~ 1977

Lineage of John Curren Nickell and Emma Golden Murphy
Haney, Lucille N. ~ 1987

Memoirs of Jerome B. Pound with Histories of Pound-Murphy-Willingham-Palmer-Pitts Families
Pound, Jerome B. ~ 1949
Miami, FL

Mother Margaret Mary Healy-Murphy: A Biography
Turley, Mary Immaculata

Murphree Ancestry of Bill R. Linder of Kenedy, Karnes County, Texas, The
Linder, Billy Royce ~ 1998

Murphy / [Mr. & Mrs. James E. Murphy]
Murphy, James E. ~ 1998
Includes Murphy, John Francis, ca. 1833-1917 -- Family.

Murphy and Associated Families
Rose, Virginia L. Higgins ~ 1982
Wollaston, MA

Murphy Book, The
O'Laughlin, Michael C. / Irish Genealogical Foundation ~ 1981, 92
(Irish Family Histories Series)

Murphy Family: Genealogy, History, Biography, with Official Statistics of the Part Played by Members of This Numerous Family in the Making & Maintenance of This Great American Republic
Downes, M. W. ~ 1989
Hartford, CT

Murphy Memories, 1753-1990
Wilkinson, Lucille Murphy, (1929-) ~ 1990

Murphy's Battles: An Ohio Soldier's Autobiography
Murphy, Capt. David Asbury ~ 1913
Murphy was born in 1842, and served in Co. H, 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, 1862-64. He was later a builder, poet, journalist and author of four books. [BF]

My Risk Taking Ancestors: They Came to Maryland: Onion, Murphy, Burnett, Chason, Lanno, Podlich, Rost, Snyder, and Treff
Hudson, Betty Lee Podlich ~ 1996

Never Say Die: Story of the Murphy Family
Rich, Madeline M. ~ 1964

Our Own People, The Lives and Achievements of the Murphys in Ireland and America
Murphy, Timothy Cornelius ~ 1935
Norwood, MA

Out of the Isle of Destiny: A History of Four Milesian Families
Murphy, Teresa, (1900-) ~ 1985
Includes Murphy, Keegan, Dunn families of Minnesota

Pioneer Family: A History of Dennis and Mary (Dye) Murphy of Virginia, Illinois, and Indiana, 1818-1987, A: Also Allied Families of Christenberry, Dye, Hicks, Hillenburg, Moulder, Parker, Osborn, and Ragsdale
Murphy, Ruth Christopher, (1919-) / Armstrong. Jane Murphy ~ 1989

Ronald Reagan & The Isle of Destiny: A Fascinating Journey into a Proud Irish History
Culligan, Matthew J. ~ 1982
Includes information about Murphy family connection.

Roots of Hickory: A Murphy-Pitts Narrative Family History
Vogel, Harold ~ 1986

Seven Mile Harvest: The Life of John Murphy Withrow 1854 - 1931
Farny, Margret Withrow ~ 1942
Story of farming and struggle in Southern Ohio [BF]

Some History of the Wallace, Murphy, and Cooke Families (1600-1957)
Sallee, Maggie ~ 1958
Monmouth, IL

Smith Family, Descendants of George and Barbara (Bash) Smith of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and Coshocton county, Ohio, Whose Children Migrated Westward Through Hancock, Indiana, and Madison county, Iowa, With Allied Lines of Bash, Waters, Ruby, Hogle, and Murphy
Waters, Margaret Ruth ~ 1946
Indianapolis, IN

Story of My Life: Dr. Douglas Roe Murphy, MD-FACS
Erickson, Cliff/Erickson, Beverly/Murphy, Douglas R. ~ 1999

Tarvers/Murphys of Jefferson County, Georgia
Robinson, Jeanne Peterson ~ 1984

Ten Children of Moses and Laura Murphey, The
Towne, Ernest L., Mrs. ~ 1982
115 Branch Ave., Painesville, OH 44077

Tennessee Murphys-Murpheys and Allied Families
Murphy, Marion Emerson ~ 1968

Who Were The Murphy's: California Irish First Family
Schmidt, Earl F. ~

Williams & Murphy: Records & Related Families of Virginia, North Carolina, Etc.
Williams, R. M.
Raleigh, N.C

Your Father is a Moran and Your Mother was a Murphy
Moran, Andrew James ~ 1987
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